Manual work in food production :-( “How do we innovate us out of this”

Name: Erik Pekkeriet
Organisation: Agro Food Robotics at Wageningen University and Research

Pressure is high in food production. Working conditions decline rapidly, due to logistic automation, data and consumer demands. Still we have two billion people working in the sector, doing short cycle, repetitive, seasonal tasks. The working population in the manual tasks are aging and from abroad. Younger people are moving to urban environments to have year-round better paid jobs. It is a world issue. How do we manage to get the food in optimal yield and quality handsfree in our kitchen. How do we produce our food more locally and more sustainable. This will be one of the main challenges of tomorrow. Erik will target these challenges and present where the need is for artificial intelligence and robotics. What works and what doesn’t work. He will provide a few examples where AI in robotics and quality assessment is used. Erik is the Programme Manager of Agro Food Robotics at Wageningen University & Research.

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