SustAInability (2020)

Date: 22th of May, 2020

As a vast amount of energy is used to implement AI solutions, AI can aid environmental sustainability. Think about topics such as farming, food production, health sustainability, smart homes and ethical implications. Do the pros outweigh the cons?

Join us by watching our speakers' special videos and participating in a live streamed panel discussion on the 22nd of May, if you interested in the latest applications of Artificial Intelligence in sustainability!


Organised by:
    Zuzanna Fendor (Chair)
    Elitsa Bahovska (Secretary)
    Abbas Bharmal (Treasurer)
    Sven Berberich
    Aline Boels
    Stijn Boosman
    Jill Gulbis
    Niklas Koeppe
    Phuong Trinh