Buzzwords vs Business Value - AI Thought Leadership in Practice

Name: Roger van Daalen
Organisation: Devoteam

When applying conceptually beautiful AI-centred ideas in practice, various real-world contextual influences and restrictions come into play. Devoteam will demonstrate during this keynote speech how developments in machine learning and AI lead to more natural interactions with information systems, power automated unstructured information processing, and can capture tacit knowledge through continuous learning loops. We show how organisations that partner up with Devoteam benefit from effective AI business solutions that drive their digital transformation. Thereby they experience increasing human resource cost effectiveness, service quality, employee satisfaction, and customer retention, whilst reducing employee training costs, repetitive and undesirable work, and human error.

Roger has pioneered artificial intelligence on capital markets, having developed "greybox" hybrid human-machine business processes that leverage the best aspects of human and machine information processing, while suppressing less desirable traits. Additionally, he helped push the transition from manual trading to machine learning-based algorithmic "high frequency" operations. Since joining Devoteam in 2017 he has been applying these lessons learned to finance and other industries.

Picture of the speaker