AI & Language (2018)

Date: 23th of May, 2018

Everyone uses language; not only humans, but also computers. However, the differences between these two kinds of languages are very big. Current research concerns replicating, recognizing and understanding natural language using computers to be able to communicate efficiently and intuitively with computers. With this symposium, you will gain more insight into the combination of AI and language and recent developments.


Organised by:
    Sven Berberich (Chair)
    Fien Ocker (Secretary)
    Lea Nugteren (Treasurer)
    Manon de Jonge
    Jet van Dijk
    Lennart Geertjes
    Sanne de Kleijn
    Johannes-Lucas Löwe
    Meilina Reksoprodjo
    Donald Scheuring
    Lars Bokkers