Beyond AR & the Internet of Brains

Name: Peter Werkhoven
Organisation: Utrecht University

Peter Werkhoven has a background in physics, psychology and computer science, is a professor Multimodal Interaction in Virtual Environments at Utrecht University. He is also the Managing Director Technical Sciences at TNO. Since the nineties he studied how to let people perceive, manipulate and navigate in virtual environments with body mounted devices, and applied the findings in the domains of virtual prototyping and training applications. His later research focused on the skin as an information channel (tactile suits), on how we integrate our senses to a single percept, on how to navigate VR using brain signals, and on how induce stress with VR games. He envisions that computers will be directly connected with our brains (making displays redundant), and that the real and virtual world will radically merge into augmented reality, exosomatic memory, and in the end into the internet of brains.

Inspirational talk, easy to follow for non-AI students, propedeuse level

Picture of the speaker