Automated Vehicles

Name: Dimitrios Kotiadis
Organisation: TUDelft

Dimitrios Kotiadis is a Sr. Research at the TUDelft working in the intelligent vehicles & cognitive robotics group. His background is in Electronics with several years’ experience in development of automation technologies in the fields of biomedical, aerospace and automotive engineering.

Through his involvement in the Dutch Automated Vehicle Initiative (DAVI - as a Technical lead for TUDelft, he has contributed to the development of automated vehicles through Systems architecture and expertise in Environmental perception (sensing) and fusion. Dimitrios was also involved early on in the setting up of the WEpods ( project where automated vehicles are being implemented to operate as public transport in mixed traffic. These vehicles are the first in the world to operate in mixed traffic at this Level (SAE level5) and the first vehicles in the world to be given License plates with no Driver seat. Within this project, he has been involved in the systems architecture and leads the Environmental perception work package with strong involvement in the development of related key subsystems. Dimitrios will present an overview of the projects and the activities he is involved in.

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