Talk by Pompe clinic

Name: Meike de Vries, Sandra Schel, Erik Bulten, Inti Brazil
Organisation: Pompestichting, forensic psychiatry

In a short overview the principles of forensic psychiatric treatment will be presented. Solutions have to be found in bridging the gap between treatment and security, patients needs and the expectations of society. Daily practice will be presented. Risk assessment and risk management, therapeutic interventions, training, medication, work, social climate, (guided and unguided leave), rehabilitation etc. are the cornerstones of inpatient forensic services. After the presentation of the principles and these forensic cornerstones, some recent innovations within forensic services will be highlighted (e.g. applied games, virtual reality).

We will focus on the question how can Artificial Intelligence contribute to the problems Forensic services have to solve? From ‘robotics’ to ‘machine learning’. In a discussion with the audience we will explore these possibilities, without ignoring the ‘ethical’ questions.

Picture of the speaker