Internet of things: privacy & security in a connected world

Name: Bart van den Bogaard
Organisation: Topicus

The Internet of Things ("IoT") refers to the ability of everyday objects to connect to the Internet and to send and receive data. It includes, for example, Internet connected cameras that allow you to post pictures online with a single click; home automation systems that turn on your front porch light when you leave work; and bracelets that share with your friends how far you have biked or run during the day.

Six years ago, for the first time, the number of “things” connected to the Internet surpassed the number of people. Yet we are still at the beginning of this technology trend. Experts estimate that, as of this year, there will be 25 billion connected devices, and by 2020, 50 billion.

In this presentation the most influential theories that fuel the internet of things are discussed. Starting off from a technological perspective, touching down some practical implications on our everyday life and work. Finally the major challenges that we are facing from a privacy and security view point this upcoming decade are discussed. Last but not least there is room for Q A.

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