The development and evaluation of neurofeedback games built for children’s emotional health and well-being

Name: Isabela Granic
Organisation: Developmental Psychopathology department, Behavioural Science Institute, Radboud University

Worldwide, anxiety and depression are the leading cause of disability, and the most prevalent mental health problems. Innovative, scalable and engaging prevention approaches that target these mental health concerns are urgently needed. We combine EEG technology and evidence-based techniques from clinical psychology with emotionally evocative game design to develop video games that promote emotional health and well being.

I will present MindLight, a novel neurofeedback video game for children, to illustrate our multidisciplinary approach. In MindLight, neurofeedback is both a compelling game mechanic and a powerful metaphor designed to drive emotional change. Data on the efficacy of the game will be presented and the promise of future innovations in neuro- and biofeedback tools for applied games will be highlighted.

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