A conscious design of intelligence in machine-mediated human interactions

Name: Albert Vlug
Organisation: CGI principal consultant Public Sector – Healthcare

With technology man rebuilds inner abilities in external products. A crane makes a man more powerful in lifting things. In software we rebuild our inner ability to think into machines and that makes us stronger in that way of thinking. Crane machinists are using other abilities to perform the task of lifting. What are the abilities in artificial intelligence to perform the tasks we want to perform?

Two cases studies will be presented to get an idea of important perspectives.

The first case is medication monitoring. Family doctors and pharmacists are responsible to prescribe and deliver the medication that is most suitable for the specific situation of a patient. Many forms of intelligence are required to perform this task. First step was to design the process and to determine which intelligence can be automated. Next, the information required for these steps should be made real-time available. Finally, the maintenance of this knowledge and this artificial intelligence was set-up and tested. Evaluation provides interesting lessons learned.

The second case is self-reliance of elderly people aging as healthy as possible at their own homes. We developed monitoring systems to decide when and how people can be assisted in what they want to do. Traditional mechanic understanding of how human senses are working, appears to be insufficient. The ‘intelligent’ way humans interpret the signals of our senses should be understood first to be able to automate them. In this case we monitor a person performing exercises at home with serious gaming, because she wants to rehabilitate at home. The feedback loop to keep her motivated during the exercise requires among other things the detection of her emotional state. Different levels of intelligence were needed. An important design issue was: which intelligence do we realize locally (at home) and which centrally (in a secure cloud). And which intelligence is better to keep with a (remote) physiotherapist?

Most IT in healthcare helps us to make or keep information while transmitting data. The additional value of artificial intelligence is that it may help us to make or keep knowledge in information. The value of AI in a human process where wisdom is needed, requires that we realize AI artistically. Consciousness of the typical characteristics of human and machine intelligence is then constructive.

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