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AI in Health (2015)

Date: 20th of May, 2015

With an increasing demand, a requirement for efficiency and low costs and a strive for personally tailored care there is a lot of focus on improving healthcare.

Smart hospitals, live tracking of patients, serious gaming as treatment for mental disorders: all applications of AI in Health. However, drawbacks such as a decrease in privacy should not be taken lightly. How can we achieve optimal care?


Organised by:
Margo van der Stam (Chairman)
Zina Al-jibouri (Secretary)
Jesse Zwamborn (Treasurer)
Wouter Bulten
Leonieke van den Bulk
Marije de Witte
Lino Vliex
Robbert Hendriks
Maarten Vos
Bas Vogelzang
Thijs Nieuwdorp
Renate Bresser
Linde Kuijpers