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Robotics (2014)

Date: 7th of May, 2014

Robots are no longer limited to research labs or sci-fi movies. Their presence, while still limited, is growing and more common. Where will these developments lead us?

On the 7th of May researchers and experts from various field will share with us their views, developments and insights regarding future robotics as part of ACAIS 2014. Interested in who will present? A list of speakers including abstracts and information about the speakers themselves is available online.

On top of the invited talks a workshop is hosted which focusses on possibly the most important part of a robot: their brains. During the day everything will be taken care of, this includes lunch, drinks, an optional dinner and secondary activities!


Organised by:
Wouter Bulten (Chairman)
Margo van der Stam (Vice-Chairman)
Harmen Prins (Secretary)
Leonieke van den Bulk (Vice-Secretary)
Marije de Witte (Treasurer)
Lino Vliex (Vice-Treasurer)
Robert-Jan Drenth
Robbert Hendriks
Lotus ter Haar
Sanna Dinh
Jesse Zwamborn
Maarten Vos