www.mytreatmentplan.nl∶ an innovative method to develop ‘treatment readiness’ in patients with personality disorders

Name: Marjolein Kobes
Organisation: Pompestichting

Some patients with personality disorders and/or psychopathy experience little treatment readiness. The main goal of e-mental health program My Treatmentplan is that patients develop insight into their problem areas and develop treatment readiness. ‘My Treatmentplan’ is complementary to treatment as usual. During the program patients develop capabilities and strengths to overcome treatment resistance.

The use of e-mental health has several benefits. Explicit therapeutic relationship between patient and therapist has not been established yet. Therefore it is expected that after My Treatmentplan the patient has developed more treatment readiness and is open to discuss treatment goals. Furthermore, the use of e-mental health can take the responsivity of these patients into account. My treatment plan is a serious game which uses avatars, scenarios, movies, photographs etc. With assignments patients can earn credits, which can be used in a virtual web shop to buy goods. This relates to the sensation seeking behavior and sensitivity for rewards.

The E-mental health program will evaluate the different obstacles to treatment readiness. According to the model of Burrowes & Needs (2009), readiness to change is experienced as a dynamic process with constantly changing obstacles and barriers. When these barriers are high enough and strong enough they will prevent change from occurring. My Treatmentplan will eventually assess all of these barriers to change.