Improving healthcare administration using AI

Name: Jasper Laagland
Organisation: Topicus FinCare

In the last decade cloud computing has expanded rapidly, for many applications it has become the standard. At Topicus most of our products are Software as a Service solutions. All customers use the same centrally hosted environment. To use our software they only need a web browser, so they do not need to think about hosting, updates, etcetera.

One of the field in which we operate is healthcare. Most of the applications are developed for the administrative processes for doctors and hospitals. The use of AI is upcoming in this type of software. At Topicus we are researching the use of AI and in some cases we have successfully adapted these algorithms. This improves the flexibility and the performance of our software.

In this talk we will discuss cases in which we have successfully applied AI in our SaaS applications. Also the research we are currently doing will be discussed. The following questions will be answered: How do we improve healthcare administration processes using AI? What can we expect from AI in future software?