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Domestic Robotics, Future Helpers? (2011)

Date: 18th of May, 2011

On 18th of May (2011) a symposium on Artificial Intelligence and (Domestic) Robotics will be held in Nijmegen. Several speakers will present their research and projects in this area, showing how robotics could improve the world around us.

Welcome applications of these robots may be found in the areas of health-care and surveillance, but can at the same time be infringing on our privacy or for other reasons unwanted. To shape our opinions on this matter, a panel discussion with the speakers will be held afterwards.

The symposium is organised by the Symposium Committee of CognAC, the study association for Artificial Intelligence in Nijmegen. Everyone (including students, researchers and staff) who are interested in Artificial Intelligence or Robotics is invited to attend the symposium. It is required for visitors to subcribe using the form on the subscription page. RU Students are able to earn colloquium points for this symposium: 2 points for attending all presentations, 1 point for attending 2 or 3 presentations.


Organised by:
Wouter Bulten (Chairman)
Laurie Bax (Secretary)
Marije de Witte (Treasurer)
Jelte van Waterschoot
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