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AI Everywhere (2010)

Date: 28th of May, 2010

On Friday May 28th 2010, a symposium on Artificial Intelligence will be held in Nijmegen. Several speakers will present their research in this area, showing how Artificial Intelligence is appearing everywhere in the world around us.

Assisting in ubiquitous technology, the impact of Artificial Intelligence on our day-to-day life is growing rapidly. Welcome applications may be found in the areas of health-care, surveillance and ambient living, but can at the same time be infringing on our privacy. To shape our opinions on this matter, a panel discussion with the speakers will be held afterwards.

This symposium is organised by CognAC, the study association of Artificial Intelligence Nijmegen. Everyone interested in Artificial Intelligence is invited to attend the symposium. It is desired that you subscribe via this page. More information on the program and speakers can be found in the sections listed at the left.


Organised by:
Jelmer Wolterink
Wouter Bulten
Bart van Delft
Andrea Loing
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