Name: Tom de Smedt

NodeBox ( is a free, open source Mac OS X application that lets you create 2D visuals (static, animated or interactive) using Python programming code and export them as a printable document or a movie. The central goal of the project is to allow more people to express themselves creatively regardless of artistic or technical skill, and without being limited to a predefined user interface. In the Europe of the future, creativity can become an invaluable economic asset.

During this lecture we will look at how techniques from Artificial Intelligence (natural language processing, semantic tagging, agent-based systems, learning and evolving, ambient intelligence) are applied in NodeBox to the domain of creativity in general – and more specifically to the domain of the visual arts.

Tom De Smedt is a developer for NodeBox. He graduated in software engineering in 2000 and in graphic design in 2004 and has since been employed at the Experimental Media Group in Antwerp, Belgium. He is currently studying towards a PhD degree on the topic of artificial creativity.