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AI & Creativity (2008)

Date: 22nd of May, 2008

On May 22nd (2008) a symposium on Artificial Intelligence & Creativity is held by the study association of Artificial Intelligence Nijmegen, CognAC. At this symposium several speakers will lecture about the possibilities of a computer being a creative device. For though it might seem that creativity needs more than just some silicon, there have been several projects to achieve Artificial Creativity.

Some of the speakers on this symposium have been working on such projects, while others are observing creative work from humans, and try to make computational models for this creativity, in order to understand how creative processes develop.

Everyone interested in Artificial Intelligence and the creativity of the human brain is invited to attend this symposium. Please subscribe your visit at this website before May 18th. See the programme and speakers sections on this website for more information.


Organised by:
Marlieke van Kesteren,
Jelmer Wolterink
Bart van Delft
Iris van Rooij

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